Frequently asked questions by users

    User-type questions:

  • When I want to log in, shall I put my e-mail password, or I can put another?

    No. We advise that your password on the Selltico portal is different from the password for the e-mail address, it must also contain letters and numbers.

  • How long can a trial period last and what am I allowed to do during that period?

    The trial period lasts 14 days, during which you can create groups (categories) for free and fill them with products, adding as much information about the items themselves, as well as editing the design of your webshop. The entire sales process can also be completed during the trial period.

  • How much is to open a shop?

    You can open your web shop for free! Then, after a free trial, to continue using it, you will select the package you want. Feel free to contact us if you need advice when choosing a package. You can see the packages here and through time you can choose from weaker to stronger.

  • Are these the only examples of the sites or there are more?

    The customer stores shown are those we have approved for posting on the site. The vast majority of webshops created have not been published, and there are over one hundred made for clients at home and abroad.

  • Is this the final price, no additional expenses, some provision or anything similar?

    Customers who open their store and lease can request the training in admin management of the invoice we provide.

  • Could you train me how to successfully technically update and run my web shop?

    Customers who open their store and lease can request the training in admin management of the invoice we provide.

  • Do I need to connect with a bank and courier before or after I open an online store?

    Our advice is to connect after opening an online store, we can also recommend courier services with which we have already cooperated.

  • Does your platform take a commission from my sales?

    No sales commission is charged. Your only obligation is to settle the debts once a month concerning the package you have selected.

  • Does selling only mean products or can I sell services?

    You can also sell products and services in your online store.

  • I have finished a trial period and I want to start up a shop. What next?

    Select a package and you will receive an invoice at the email address you provided when registering. Once your payment is recorded, we will initiate a domain transfer procedure, and if you do not have a domain, you will be instructed for domain renting.

  • Is there accounting software in B2B plus package?

    Unfortunately no. Selltico is an online sales system, however, it is possible to connect our platform to yours or your bookkeeper's system. You can read all about B2B here.

  • What is the possibility to integrate with Facebook sale?

    This current version does not have Facebook integration capability, but we are working to support some of the next versions.

  • It says here you offer SEO support. Could you explain it to me a bit?

    The store is fully optimized for so-called ON-SITE SEO. Meaning that your store is technically ready and tuned to the rules of the largest search engines. For example, each page has its SEO title and SEO description that may be different from the page title if you wish, even if you do not enter the SEO title and SEO description it will be generated from the name of your product or product description itself. You can of course change this as you want. Building backlinks for off-site SEO, you still have to do it yourself :).

    Technical questions

  • Do you create groups and load products?

    The Selltico platform allows you to follow the instructions to work independently on entering and updating information on your online store. However, if you are not able to do it on your own, we can help you form categories and enter items. This service is additional charged and its price depends on whether the items are photographed, what the content and documentation are, and the number of items. Feel free to contact us to prepare an offer just for you.

  • Can I, if I still don`t have a site, put products I wish to sell? What`s the price in this 14-day-long-promotion period?

    During the trial period, you can add products to your webshop and generate traffic at no additional costs.

  • What should I do when the platform is not making what I imagined? When I can't technically execute what I'm up to?

    If you have a problem running your online store, we can organize training for you where we will explain in detail how to be a store administrator and successfully edit it independently. If your problem is related to a specific activity, send a chat message and our support will assist you.

  • Once I select a store theme, can I subsequently replace it with another one?

    Changing themes is only possible when you send an email to our support at

  • What is a group, category, type and how can I understand this classification?

    The full explanation of this classification is available in the instructions for group and type.

  • In what period of the process do I need to contract with you?

    If you run your store through the Selltico portal and buy the package yourself, there is no need to conclude a contract, it is enough that you accepted the terms of use when you start using the software. If you have special requirements for the creation of an online store for which a special offer is written, the contract is concluded after accepting the offer.

  • Will my store layout be mobile-friendly?

    Each of our online stores is configured to suit mobile devices as well.

  • How will customers pay for the goods they buy from my web store?

    You define the payment method in the administration of your own store by going to the card Codebooks> Payment Method , where you select how your customers will pay for the products they order.

  • How to delete my web shop?

    You can find the option to shut down your webshop in the account setup tab.

  • What number of products is allowed on this demo version?

    100 articles are allowed in the demo version.

  • Can images and descriptions for products I loaded during the trial period stay in a shop when I choose a monthly plan?

    Of course, everything you bring in the trial period stays in your store.

  • Do you make groups and insert items?

    You can with our help and instructions enter and update information on the webshop on your own. If you can't add the products, we can help you form categories and import items. It is an additional service that is charged and depends on the number of products, whether the items are photographed, what is the content and documentation entry, etc. Feel free to contact us for the offer.

  • Do I get a free domain that I choose or load the one I bought? Can I connect this shop with my site?

    You are linking the domain that you have purchased. If you already own a site on that domain, we recommend that you create a sub-domain to link to our platform.

  • Does the shop, I created during the trial period, delete when the time runs out?

    The store is deleted one month after your trial expires and if you have not entered a lease within that period.