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Selltico B2B is an advanced e-Commerce software that quickly and easily adapts to your requirements

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Implementation in 4 steps

ERP-B2B connection

Our system downloads data on products, warehouses, and partners' financial cards from ERP and uploads the orders from the B2B portal to the ERP

Content entry

In the second step, the system downloads the additional content for your products and the pages themselves. Functionality and display of the b2b portal In the third phase, we work on the functionalities of the b2b portal and the site appearance.

Setting up B2B portal functionalities and design

In the third phase, we work on the functionalities of the b2b portal and the site appearance.

Start selling

In the last phase, you assign access parameters to the partners and start with sales.

A complete solution for an online wholesale

Personalized B2B sales

B2B portal adapts to your existing organization of sales and commercial work.

Fast data synchronization: ERP-B2B

Data transfer is in both directions: stock status and prices are currently visible to partners on B2B, and ordered goods from B2B are stored immediately in ERP.

Provided hosting

Selltico enables hosting of your B2B portal on our servers and maintenance of B2B portals.

Basic Functions

The advantage of Selltico B2B solutions is that the needs of most wholesalers are covered by basic functionalities and this drastically shortens the production time.

Basic functionalities
Order products from partners
Download data of articles, partners, warehouses by warehouse, rebate policies, price lists, and financial cards from ERP
Send orders from B2B portals to ERP instantly
Automatic updating of prices, quantities, other products data, partners, and content
Review the financial card of partners and customers
Assignment of rebate
RMA module for reporting defective goods
Export your goods (price list) to other online stores
Administration of user access levels
Presentation of the content of the goods (description, characteristics, attributes, images)
Making news, announcements, and catalogs
Enter text, banners, sliders, and articles on a page
Analytics on access, visits, and traffic for B2B

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B2B creation steps


We will look at the existing sales organization, commercial work, and communication with partners and suggest a way to organize sales to partners on the B2B portal.


Based on the analysis, we make a detailed plan with tasks and deadlines for implementation.


Based on the implementation plan, we create the functionalities of the B2B platform, test the complete system, and hold training for commercialists to work with the b2B portal.


At this stage, we are monitoring the activities on the B2B portal and introducing new functionalities. In time, the complete sales and communication process with partners and regular customers is improving.

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