Privacy policy

On behalf of the online e-commerce software, platform owned by TiCo computers d.o.o, we pledge that we will keep the privacy of all our users. We collect only necessary, basic data on users of our Selltico software platform and data necessary for doing businesses and providing information to users by good business practice, and to offer quality services. We offer to customers/users a possibility of choice including a possibility to decide if they want or don`t want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All the data on customers/users are kept and are available only to employees who need them for business reasons as well as to the third party. All these are with the aim of upgrading services for users, but with their consent. All employed in TiCo computers who maintain and develop software for Selltico online trade (and business partners) are held responsible for respecting privacy protection principles.

With this statement, we wish to provide for you all the information on data we collect, the manners in which we process your data, and introduce you to your rights as a User. If you have any questions or comments after having read our Privacy statement, feel free to contact us on email

1. How do we collect your data?

1.1. Via User

When you use our platform, we collect your data in the following manner:

  • Information you share with us while creating your profile: registration data, account setting, and contents you add to your profile- images, text, etc.
  • We generate your data while you use our platform. E.g. data concerning pages of our platform you visit.
  • When you activate our additional service which is charged: data concerning issuing of pro forma invoice, an account, shipping, and paying our services.

You may change your profile data on your account whenever you want. Information related to your name and email address is obligatory. Every user needs to enter them before using our service. If you decide and share other data with us, you explicitly permit us to use those data following this Statement on privacy.

1.2. Via various technical means

On our platform we use various technical means which make user experience better and which optimize the site and the platform functionality. The data we collect by the help of those technical means are:

  • Information regarding used appliances such as data on type of hardware and/or software;
  • Cookies and information concerning local data storage: these are small files where your preferences are stored and they enable more efficient platform functioning.
  • Login data: all the generated information when you login to the platform; e.g. IP address through which you apply and other telecommunication data.

Based on your IP address we may locate your (most probable) location on a geographical map.

1.3. Via external partners

As a user, you may create different connection of other social networks with our platform. As a user, you have to set the connection manually. Through other social networks, we may obtain profile information that lacks. This is how we can fill in your account.

Our platform offers you possibilities to inform your contacts to use our platform for online shopping. In that way, you become an Affiliate partner and you have possibilities of earning by promoting our software. As a User, you may tag contacts you wish to invite to the platform. As soon as you activate this function, you get a commission for subscriptions for software packages paid by your contacts. We will make this process easy and automated. Data we collect for this purpose are used only in this case.

2. What do we use your data for?

We collect your personal data to provide safe use of the platform for every User and both personal and optimal experience.

Our unique user experience includes the following:

  • Various (commercial) communications : we may use collected user personal data so that we can send him various (commercial) contents. We send these contents ourselves or through a third-party and the party sends them on our behalf. We are also able to communicate and distribute advertisements efficiently through a third party. The third-party can use user personal data only for the purpose that TiCo computers d.o.o.. define;
  • Making platform functionalities better based on statistical analysis and interpretation of users: It is our pleasure that we, with better techniques, make our services and products better.
  • Fraud identification and protection against frauds, mistakes, and/or criminal acts and violation of our rules of behavior: This is our obligation since we wish to offer a safe, successful, and firm platform.
  • Selltico provides cooperation of software Users with partners who offer additional services. We refer to all necessary actions so that users can get a service properly

3. Are your data shared with a third party?

Do not worry! Personal data are shared only in the following cases:

3.1. To our specialized partners for data processing

We use different technologies and techniques to enable optimal platform operation and services. This is possible with the help of products and services from our specialized partners.

Users may count on the following guarantees:

  • We have strict procedures when we choose our partners and this is following all legal provisions.
  • We have clear agreements with partners regarding the functioning of services and products.
  • The most important: our specialized partners must not use your personal data for their purposes.

Personal data will be always anonymous when we send them to be analyzed.

3.2. Linking with other platforms

Our platform has connection with other social networks, such as Facebook, Google, Linked In, and Twitter. The platforms enabled these integrations. The integration was done for you to log in more easily to our platform and share content from your online shop to social networks. You decide with which account and from what network you will log in to our platform. Every social network, that is, platform, is responsible to provide the right level of protection when personal data processing is done.

3.3. Other third parties

Certain personal data we may mediate to another third party for additional services. These additional services are done only with permission and on user demand. The third-party uses these personal data for their data processing which is under the previously mentioned service. For more information see the declaration on third-party privacy. We only propose a third party for which we believe may improve our services and be useful for our users.

3.4. In case of fraud, criminal acts, and criminal acts investigation

Our platform is based on safety and confidence. We work diligently on that every day and because of that, we offer all the necessary information that law or regulation requires; or other supervisory and regulatory bodies. We do not offer more information than is demanded and necessary.

4. Data holder rights

As a User you may be certain that we process your data following the law and justly:

  • Your personal data will be processed only for both explicitly stated and legitimate purposes;
  • Personal data processing will be always sufficient, proportional, and never excessive.
  • We will never keep your personal data longer than it is necessary. The standard period is twelve (12) months after the data or profiles deletion.

We have taken enough technical and organizational precautions and measures and we can guarantee safe personal data processing. These measures are following the nature of personal data and are proportional to the potential seriousness of the risk.

The risk of accidental or unauthorized destruction, loss, change, or access as well as any other unauthorized personal data processing is at a minimum level. We understand this as our obligation and we make the utmost effort in all these.

5. Every user has the following rights:

  1. Right to object: Every User may file a complaint to personal data processing when that there are enough legitimate, clear, and serious reasons and which relate to a concrete situation. A user may in every moment without fees and further delay object to our proposed way of personal data processing if the given data were used for the purposes of direct marketing.
  2. Right to access: Every User has the right to access all the information that relates to personal data processing.
  3. Right to correct and delete: Every User may at any moment ask for the correction or deletion of his personal data. The User, himself, has an obligation to undertake all the other possible measures with the aim to correct or delete certain data. Data removal is usually related to data visibility.

A user can exercise previously stated rights when he considers it necessary. He can send by mail a personally signed request to our company address – TiCo computers d.o.o., Cara Dusana 65, Nis or by e-mail at The user has to confirm his identity if that is required. Our obligation is to respond to all requests within forty-five (45) days.

6. About this Privacy statement

After the registration, you explicitly accept that your personal data may be processed. Given the fact that technology constantly brings innovations, we cannot precisely estimate what will happen on our platform in the future and how its services will function. That is why your consent regarding your personal data processing relates also to new technologies and techniques which represent the original purpose of our platform.

We keep the right to change the content of our Statement on Privacy. Every significant change will be stated to users by the new Statement on Privacy. We recommend our users check regularly if there are any changes. All potential changes will come into force in thirty (30) days from the date of the alteration in our Statement on Privacy. In case somebody takes over or buys our company, all the rights, and obligations stemming from the statement on Privacy are transferred to a new owner. If a new owner changes the Statement on Privacy, he will notify users of all necessary information and changes.