How to open a webshop?

Very easily- for the start all you need is a valid e – mail address and 5 minutes of your free time. All begins from this page by filling in the form. Be careful about your email address. It has to be correct and you must have an access to it so that you can confirm the creation of an account. If you wish, you may use a shorter way and register by using social networks. In that case, no email address confirmation is needed. Choose the name of your new shop, and design, and the process takes you to the Admin panel of your new webshop. The next step is to fill in the data of your shop, logo, bans and sliders, and introduction of products (commodities). Instruction on how to do it can be seen here. That’s all. You can start selling!

Multiple options to work with

Tracking orders

Starting from the receipt of orders till shipping, the order is tracked through statuses. Besides basic, you may create your own statuses.


Track the effect of sales and visits of the products on daily basis. Track the sale from the specific period to plan marketing activities more easily.

Products import

The software module enables a simple entry of your stock and a great number of products from different suppliers. Introduce images, descriptions, and characteristics of products.

Mass edit

This option offers an easy formation and a price change for a large number of products. Besides prices, it is possible to add and change characteristics, groups, manufacturers, weight...

Detailed product description

Besides description and image entry being allowed, the entry of more types of characteristics via chats, filters, and downloading from suppliers is also allowed. You may add videos, pdf files with certificates and instructions.

Filters and attributes

You have numerous options and attributes which can be given to products. The final goal is display of filters, types and characteristics on the webshop.

Comments about products

Your customers may leave comments and evaluate the products. The display of comments, and marks goes through your control and authorization.


Inform your customers about the stock, news, and shopping services. Announce the arrival of goods, special offers, or news on the advancement of the webshop.

Banners and sliders

You may add banners to promote a certain product and decide on which page it will turn up. It is also possible to add sliders.

Integration with information system

You can connect your internet shops with your business and warehouses and have your stock updated:

Efficient work with great number of products;

Working with codebooks and users;

Analytics on turnover and visit;

Input and edit content, banners and sliders;

Entry and stock processing from suppliers;

Possibility to integrate with accounting software;

Online department store

Set up your online store

With our software, you can easily set up an online store with all types of products in a short interval with an endless number of products, with your and goods from your suppliers from the country or abroad. Our software may take over the role of updating the price and quantity of your goods and of your suppliers.

Take a look at successful online stores that use our software.