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Terms of service

Date of the last change: 6th of July 2022 is a website of TiCo computers d.o.o.

Cara Dusana Street 65
18000 Nis, Serbia

You may contact us on:,
or Call us on: Landline +381 18 514-446; Mobile: +381 63 308-800; fax +381 18 514-446.

TiCo computers d.o.o provides Selltico software platform via website for creating and managing online shop; to sell products on the online web and for other services regarding online shop activity as well as activities and services which improve online sale.

There are terms of use and services of Selltico software together with all the changes and all the rules which TiCo computers may, from time to time, publish. You agree that you have read and understood and that you accept to comply with the given terms.

You agree that you have read and understood and that you accept to comply with the given terms.

1. Service and terms

1.1 Selltico software

Selltico software is an intellectual property of TiCo computers d.o.o.. Company. We are the only proprietor of all rights, property, and interests in the field of Software and Services. We keep all the rights that have not been given according to these terms.

1.2 Services

Services that TiCo computers offer with the help of the Selltico platform as well as the rules published from time to time in the Terms of use, make the `Contract` between two parties. TiCo computers may change or modify the Contract at any time, and they come into force the earliest, and immediately after:

  1. E-mail TiCo computers d.o.o.. company notification on changes and modifications;
  2. Your electronic acceptance of the Contract after the changes had occurred which was notified by the date` The date of the last change` at the top of the Terms;
  3. 3. Your further use of services after TiCo computers had published the updated contract on

1.3 Parties in the Contract

TThe customer will be one party in this contract. For users who live in Serbia, TiCo computers d.o.o.. will act as the other party.

1.4 Service availability

Services are available only to persons who may form legally binding contracts according to the Law. Services are not available to minors. If you do not meet the conditions, you do not use the Services.

1.5 About services

Services represent a set of software tools and resources for online shop managing; they obtain the processing of payment orders and online product sales. Besides these, Services may include enhancement or transition to new versions and more extensive packages which refer to your Selltico platform use.

1.6 Registration of users

A user has to fill in a registration form to use Services. The user provides truthful, accurate, current, and complete information and the user will update information in his user account. As a part of the registration process, the user will confirm the e-mail address and will form a password for his Selltico user account. TiCo computers hold the right to refuse the registration or to cancel the account which it considers inappropriate. The user is responsible for the maintenance of his account, password, files, and every use of the account and services on behalf of his users.

The user is responsible for the maintenance of his account, password, files, and every use of the account and services on behalf of his users.

1.7 Affiliate program

TiCo computers offers a possibility to earn for a recommendation of our Selltico software to your partners, clients, and others interested in online shopping.

You must register as an affiliate partner.

After the registration, you are given a unique link over which interested can be registered on the Selltico platform.

If with your recommendation, a client creates an online shop and accepts a plan proposal, you get 20% off the price till the lease lasts.

To become an affiliate partner, it is necessary to register in a given form, copy the link with generated, unique code and share the link with your business partners and all interested in creating an online shop.

You are paid off when there is a minimum of 30 Euros on the account.

2. Limitations and liabilities

2.1 Licence

This is the contract on services. A customer is not approved the license to the Selltico software by this Contract.

2.2 Connection with other systems

A user can not independently or with a third party connect the Selltico software and database with other systems and, also without defined API procedures for integration which are available in the part of the Instructions.

2.3 Information on users

TiCo computers may use information about a user; all technical information about the usage of the web page in order to adjust its presentation for a user, ease the surfing for customers, or communicate with customers separately. TiCo computers will not offer further information which a User has not granted. Also, we will not authorize companies that get such information to neither sell nor distribute them without the prior consent of the User.

2.4 Abuse

It is not allowed:

  1. to directly or indirectly decompile, copy, reveal and change the original code, to reveal object code of the basic structure, algorithms, and ideas of Selltico software and Services, or to resell Services, Software or contents;
  2. a user must not remove either a label representing ownership or use Selltico software for the benefit of the third party, break the intellectual property rights, copyright, trademark and all the other rights;
  3. to allow others to use Services, Software or contents using your information about the user`s account;
  4. Using Software, Services, and contents in any other way except user interface of Selltico Software;
  5. Unauthorized access to database and contents to form other databases;
  6. Sharing illegal and harmful data and contents which are threatening, insulting, vulgar, defamatory, perverse, rude, endanger privacy and integrity or have contents full of hate;
  7. To take part in spam, spamming or other undesirable messages by both a user and his client;

2.5 Liability for data

A user is liable for data and content on his online shop. The user has the possibility to export data from the database in order to keep the data. If deletion or data loss occurs, TiCo computers will support the User to restore the data from the backup which the owner had made, according to the price list.


The user is also liable for overtaken and updated price list data from the suppliers server through Selltico software.

2.7 Data storing

TiCo computers offer a service of hosting e-trade webshops but do not offer data storing service. Using a User account as online storage space for archiving electronic files is forbidden and it will result in termination of Services without prior notification. TiCo computers, from time to time for its own needs and for the Selltico software needs, save data on its servers but it is not obligated to do the same for the User- Client, IT IS ONLY THE DUTY AND LIABILITY OF A USER. User-Client takes care of both his own data and customers` data on TiCo servers. So, the loss of data is his personal responsibility.

3. Deadline and Contract termination


User may terminate the Contract at any time, without any cause, in a written form on email five (5) days before the account needs to be renewed. This is needed because the calculation must be done till the exact date of the Contract termination. The user is obliged to pay all overdue debts.


TiCo computers may terminate the Contract or Services at any time, but it will give its best to notify you thirty (30) days before the contract termination. It will also send instructions on how to return your content. TiCo computers will not have any liability towards the User or any other third party because of such contract termination.


After the expiration of the Contract or termination of the same from any party and because of any reason, TiCo computers may delete all the archived customer`s data within thirty (30) days from the termination date.

4. How to resolve the dispute

4.1 The Process

For any complaint or dispute you may have, you give consent that you will first try to solve it by contacting us (AMICABLE SETTLEMENT).

4.2 Rules

If the dispute is not solved within thirty (30) days from the date when you filed the complaint, you or TiCo Computers Company must solve all the complaints regarding these terms, and the Court in Nis- Serbia is mandatory.

4.3 No joint actions

Disputes may be resolved only with us and on an individual basis, and you cannot file a complaint as a prosecutor or as a partner in a group, consolidated or representative lawsuit.

4.4 Legal compensation

Regardless of the previously mentioned, in case of your unauthorized access to Services or content or their usage, that is, unauthorized access or usage by other persons which violate the Conditions, you agree that we have the right to file a claim for judicial compensation (or any other equivalent type of urgent legal aid) in any mandatory court.

4.5 Lawsuit against us

If anybody files a lawsuit against us but concerning your actions, contents, or information stored on your online shop, you will indemnify us and make amends. Also, you will not charge us for any kind of damage, not hold us responsible for any costs (including reasonable legal fees) which refer to such a claim.

5. Indemnities and payments; Upgrading, service termination

5.1 Indemnities

Taking into consideration all the Services offered, the Customer will pay TiCo computers all the compensations according to the prices and terms stated on this web page. TiCo computers can keep their right to modify their prices and terms at any time. Such changes or a change will be written on this web page and will come into force immediately after the next renewal, accounting period, upgrading, or Service upgrading with or without notification to the Client. All payments are INDEPENDENT.

5.2 Taxes

All prices are in Euros and without taxes. When invoicing, the Euro selling rate of Bank Intesa is calculated.

5.3 Policies, collections and cycles

All accounts for invoicing and notification on payments are presented on the User account portal. The cycle of invoicing starts on the day when a User chooses a plan. The following invoices come to payment on the same date every month. If there are additional Services, they will be calculated together with the monthly payment.

Accounting concerning purchasing SSL or a domain is calculated when a customer purchases these products/services.

5.4 Payment

A valid credit card is obligatory to have to pay incoming bills. If a User does not possess a credit card, he may pay on a TiCo computers account. If a User agrees, TiCo computers may automatically charge from the client credit card based on the client payment cycle (monthly, partially, or annually, depending on the chosen Services and payment terms for certain services) until the User does not terminate the Services

5.5 Unpaid bills

Unpaid amounts fall within the payment of interest according to the legal rate. If payment is not done within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of collection, TiCo computers will automatically deny access to the User account. TiCo computers have the right to directly contact the User to notify him of his unpaid bill.

5.6 Disputed costs/ Invoicing

A client is obligated to check all the accounting items. The user has thirty (30) days from the date of invoicing to contact TiCo computers and challenge the bill. If he does not do that within that deadline, it is considered that the User agrees to pay the bill.

5.7 Upgrading

If a client decides to upgrade his account or if these services are upgraded automatically, the accounting date of the following deadline extension will be the same; however, the Customer will be immediately charged for a proportional part of compensation for upgrading for the rest of the period. For example, if a user for services is charged on the 21st of August for monthly prepaid services from the 21st of August till the 20th of September, and such user account was upgraded on the 30th of September, then the User will be charged within a new plan from the 20th till the 30th of September.

5.8 Transition to a less complex plan

If a client chooses to make his package smaller, upgrading will come into force at the beginning of the following period and payment will be lower. TiCo computers do not grant credits or refunds for plans that occur during the current accounting period (no matter if that period is a month, quarter, or a year). E.g. - if from the 21st of August till the 20th of September, a User is charged in advance for the plan, and he decides to make a plan smaller on the 30th of September, then the upgrade will come into force from the following date of collection, on the 21st of October.

5.9 Termination of services by User

The user has to inform TiCo computers of his intention to terminate the Contract at least five (5) calendar days before the date of the account renewal. If the notification is not received before that date, such Services will be automatically renewed for the subsequent period of extension. E.g. if a user is charged for the service on the 19th of November for a monthly subscription on a plan from the 19th of November till the 18th of December, and such a customer provides a valid notification on account termination on the 16th of December, the User will automatically pay for his prepaid services from the 19th of December till the 18th of January. The prepaid services will end on the 18th of January. If the same client notifies of the Contract termination on the 13th of December, then the Contract will end on the 18th of December.

6. Changes

TiCo computers have the right to change the above-mentioned terms which are applicable for the Software or Services thus becoming valid by the declaration under these conditions and on this page, including the package price change. You have to check these terms regularly. We will give notification on changes under these conditions and this page. By continuing to use or access Services or Software after the changes come into force, you agree to new terms.