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Become an affiliate partner

Make a profit with the Selltico platform recommendation

If you are a site owner, an entrepreneur, or an online marketer, become our affiliate partner and earn 20% by recommending our e-commerce software to your business partners and anyone interested in opening an online store.

How do recommendations work?

After registration, we assign you a link through which interested parties register on the Selltico platform.

With your recommendation the customer opens an online store and chooses one of the plans for a webshop, for the first year of their lease you automatically earn a certain amount of money - depending on the package you decide on:

  1. If the client leases annually Basic package : you will earn 55€
  2. If the client leases a monthly Plus package : you will earn 215€
  3. If the client leases a monthly Pro package : you will earn 540€

You will need to do the following:

  1. Register on the Affiliate program link
  2. Share information and link with your business partners or anyone interested in opening a webshop

An affiliate partnership has never worked easier. If you notice that people around you can do good business online, turn good recommendations into profits!