Since the first version of the Selltico platform, we developed a partnership with firms we worked with so that we could help you start or enlarge online sales. Currently, we are working with over 20 firms. Some of them you may see bellow.

ERP systems

We have very successfully made a whole set of integration with ERP, accounting, and CRM systems. Data such as inventories, pricing, etc, from your bookkeeping system, are shown on the online shop, while the changes from the shop are noted down into a bookkeeping system. The same goes for both ERP and CRM systems.

Selltico erp-crm i knjigovodstveni sistemi
Selltico kurirske sluzbe

Courier services

We are aware of the importance of prompt answers to business needs, so we integrated courier services into a platform to enable fast product shipping. The order is automatic and immediately after it is finished, a courier service is automatically notified. They pick up the parcel from one address and deliver it to another one.

Payment services

To sell successfully, and most importantly, to collect payment for that, there are more methods of payment. Besides the most popular payment service, there is COD payment. Our platform supports the integration of payment by cards.

Selltico platni servisi
Selltico marketing servisi

Marketing services

Marketing is the core of your business. In order to help you for your products to be visible to more people, we cooperate with marketing companies. We have a few interactions with the most popular services when it comes to the comparison of prices and sales.